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'Manaaki' -  to care


Manaaki Mats are a safe, simple, specialist and effective cooling resource for deathcare. 


Valuable for pregnancy loss, stillbirth and all other deaths including babies, children, teens and adults.  Suitable for hospitals, maternity wards, NICU and PICU wards,  hospices, funeral homes and community settings. 


The mats are non-toxic.  Each mat is filled with dry ice polymers (gel) which expand when activated in warm water. The one-way perforation technology allows water to be absorbed but not leak out. Manaaki Mats freeze at a much colder temperature than regular ice therefore staying colder for longer.


Using Manaaki Mats slows down the natural changes that occur after death by keeping the body cool.  They are a more natural, environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to chemical embalming.


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Love to all the babies who have been.

Love to all families and communities who mourn.

Love to all those who support, guide and advise the grieving

Manaaki Mats allow families more time and choice to be with, and hold their baby before burial or cremation. They are effective to use because the temperature of the baby remains consistently cool even when being held.  Manaaki Mats are a simple solution for healthcare practitioners to offer bereaved parents who choose to take their baby home or to be used in the ward.   The mats can be cut to size before activation.

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