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  • Do you offer training?
    Yes, Manaaki Mats offer a range of training to accomodate your workplace needs. Can be delivered onsite or online.
  • Can Manaaki Mats be offered in a hospital?
    Yes, maternity wards can now offer the mats to bereaved parents. It is advised for hospitals to have two freezers, one to store the mats and one smaller freezer to be in the room with the baby so parents can change the mats.
  • How many mats would a baby use?
    This does differ depending on the size of the baby. For a baby born fullterm, it is recommended to use four mats in rotation.
  • Is it legal to take a baby home after death?
    Yes. In New Zealand it is legal and safe to take a baby home before burial or cremation. It is advised to check the legislation for the country you live in around deathcare.
  • How long can a baby stay at home?
    It is hoped the use of Manaaki Mats will allow at least three days for parents to be with their baby, but each situation is unique. Some families have had up to seven days with the use of Manaaki Mats however it is important to evaluate each time as every baby is different and environmental and other factors need to be taken into consideration.
  • Where can baby be placed?
    Manaaki Mats offer parents the choice of where to place their baby. The mats will allow each baby to be held whilst their temperature remains consistently cool. The mats are also designed to be flexible when frozen making holding a baby safe and possible.
  • How often do the mats need changing?
    It is recommended to change the mats every four to six hours or as needed. Unlike regular ice the mats will not melt to water therefore protecting the baby's delicate skin.
  • Should Manaaki Mats be used with regular ice?
    No. Regular ice is not as cold and will absorb the energy from the Manaaki Mats resulting in the Mats losing their chill more quickly.
  • What is the duration a Manaaki Mat can be used for?
    The mats are made to a unique patented design, and they are made of 4-layers making them very durable and robust. Manaaki Mats are designed to give many years of constant reuse when used properly.
  • Should the mats be removed before burial or cremation?
    It is recommended that the mats are removed from the casket before burial or cremation.
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