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Manaaki Mats for Tauranga Hospital in honour of Baby June

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Tauranga Hospital is the latest hospital to offer Manaaki Mats after receiving a donation to their maternity ward on the 31st July 2023. This donation was instigated by Courtney and Des, parents of Baby June who was still born on the 18th of June 2022.

Manaaki Mats are a specialised cooling resource used to slow down the natural changes that occur after death. Following a stillbirth or infant death Manaaki Mats allow parents to hold their baby while the temperature remains consistently cool and gives the bereaved family choice as to where they would like to place their baby.

Courtney and Des wanted to make sure other bereaved parents will have this choice. So to acknowledge and honour June’s 1st birthday, donations were given by June’s whānau to gift Tauranga Hospital with mats and specialised freezers. The hospital now has the specialised resources to offer bereaved parents more choices.

And to share some beautiful news, Baby June is now a big sister! Des and Courtney welcomed their newborn son Monte Roux Martin on 08.08.23. He is a beautiful inquisitive wee boy who loves sleeping and feeding!

Thank you to Courtney and Des for instigating this gift to Tauranga Hospital.

June’s parents Courtney and Des. Clinical Midwife Sally Brann, Shona Tames, Perinatal Loss Specialist Midwife, and Paula Gaffrey, Perinatal Loss Representative Midwife.

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